Eco Pod Waterproof iPhone Case

Grace Digital Audio has introduced the Eco Pod which is a fantastic waterproof iPhone case. Unlike many waterproof iPhone cases the lastest Eco Pod comes with waterproof earbuds as well. In the Eco Pod your iPhone is protected from water, sand or dirt. More important the Eco Pod can also protect your device from a drop.

Waterproof iPhone with DryCase


Standing of the sand at the beach it is difficult if not impossible to capture breath taking images in the water. With the DryCase you can have waves crashing over your shoulders as you get images that make you the envy of many. While you can float in the ocean or pool and listen to…

Waterproof iPhone with Pelican Waterproof iPhone Case


If only there was a waterproof iPhone so a trip to the beach presented no risk to your smartphone. Imagine walking into the beach or pool with your iphone in your pocket as you listen to an audiobook, music, or podcast. A waterproof iPhone  seem almost like a dream unless you consider a Pelican waterproof…

Waterproof Cases for the iPhone


The iPhone has become the most popular camera on photo sharing sites across the net, however, for beach or pool pictures having a waterproof iphone case is essential. If you are looking for a safe way to listen to music at the beach or pool and protect your iPhone from water damage or if you…